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Yahrzeit in Yiddish translates to ‘time of year.’ As Jews, we focus on carrying the memory of those before us ‘l’dor v’dor’ from generation to generation.

On the yearly anniversary of a person’s death, the Mourner’s Kaddish is recited and a special, long-burning candle is lit at sundown on the night prior to the anniversary. It burns for 24 hours. It is a time to reflect upon the person who has passed, the legacy he or she has left behind, and to remember and share stories of our loved one.

Join us in remembering the names of this week’s yahrzeits:


Morris Alexander

Becky Appelman

Leah Applebaum

Kathleen Armstrong

Marcia Erlich Baru

Sarah K. Baum

Barnett D. Bearman

Dora Becker

Celia Biernbaum

Rose Blumberg

Sadie M. Cohen

Elie Dayan

Sarah K. Deutch

Jack S. Enger

Oscar Feir

Lilly Y. Ferman

Celia Fishgall

Naomi Foster

David Friedman

Birdie Furstenberg

Idge Matz Galperin

Marillyn Geffen

Harold Milton Gilden

Bessie Goldstein

Helen Greenfield

Rebecca Gross

Florence Gutnick

Adolph Hartman

Bertha Hollander

Edward Hopper

Theodore Horowitz

Frances L. Horwitt

Rose Ikin

Dora Helman Kahn

Hyman Kaufman

Joseph Kenkel

Annie Krisman

Oscar Charles Lehr

Sam J. Levin

Ellen M. Levinson

Beryl Lieberstein

Louis Lite

Pepi Loew

Carl Lott

Minnie Mankofsky

Katie Mathes

Leslie Lazarus Mathes

Milton Meyer Mathes

Maurice H. Mednik

Joseph Medve

Abraham Meissner

Edna Rice Meissner

Adolph S. Milder

Esther Milder

Sam Moses

Ben Novack

Marjorie Tagerman Pack

Fannie R. Passer

Robert Permuter

Sam Prywitch

Samuel Recht

Barney Reiss

Goldye Rosen

Lore Rosenstrauch

William Rudolph

Herman Sachs

Adolph Safron

Sol Samuels

Dora Sharney

Adele Silk

Marie Reiter Steiner

Michael Turken

Alvin R. Ukman

Thelma Wagner

Eve Weitzer

Charles H. Wolff

Dr. Charles H. Wolff

James Henry Yalem

Ida Zellinger

Rose Zimmerman

Victor Zimmerman

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