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Yahrzeit in Yiddish translates to ‘time of year.’ As Jews, we focus on carrying the memory of those before us ‘l’dor v’dor’ from generation to generation.

On the yearly anniversary of a person’s death, the Mourner’s Kaddish is recited and a special, long-burning candle is lit at sundown on the night prior to the anniversary. It burns for 24 hours. It is a time to reflect upon the person who has passed, the legacy he or she has left behind, and to remember and share stories of our loved one.

This week we observe the yahrzeits of the following people that have a perpetual memorial at Congregation Shaare Emeth.

For more information contact the temple office at 314-569-0010.

Join us in remembering the names of our upcoming yahrzeits:

July 30, 2021:

Emma Aach

Rachmiel Abramson

Sam Balber

Hannah Bensinger

Dr. Ruth K. Bernstein

Cecelia Besser

Leon S. Bobrow

Joseph Bohm

Kenneth Harris Bromberg

Thelma Buxner

Laura W. Canis

Sam P. Cerf, Sr.

Stanley Lawrence Cytron

Sam Davis

Rosemary Drazen

Bernie Feinstein

Steve M. Ferman

Hennie Fleischer

Joan Angel Forman

Anna Fox

Jeanette K. Ginsberg

Bertha Levy Glasser

Harry Glassman

Charles S. Goldberg

Anna Goldman

Thelma L. Goldstein

Dvora Goldwasser

Julius Greenspoon

Herman R. Harris

Jordan Arthur Hirsch

Sophie Horwitz

Meyer Horwitz

Herbert House

Therese Igersheimer

Charles Klamen

Theresa Ann Klepner

Philip Klepner

Rose Steinberg Kohn

Annie Kohner

Louis Kramer

Lilyan Gloria Kramer

Sarah Lewin

Ernestine Loeb

Ignatz Loewenstein

Maurice M. Lyner

Francois Emile Mehro

Jack Molasky

Anna Moll

Sam Nehmen

Mavis Nierman

Esther Orenstein

Sidney Rainey

Abe Rifkin

Jack L. Roth, Jr.

Joseph Rovics

Jay J. Rubenstein

Harry Salzberg

Mary Arline Schneider

Thelma S. Seltzer

Lester Serenco

Bella Shear

George Siegelman

Pauline G. Sievers

Sam W. Silk

Kalman Smissman

Lewis E. Smith

Nathan Stampfer

Pauline M. Stein

Jason Marc Suroff

George L. Tager

Herman Treichlinger

David Treichlinger

Max Tureen

Samuel ‘Sonny’ Weingart

Richard Weiss

Max Wolff

Stanley Zerman

Isadore Zigler

Frances (Dolly) Zimmerman

Irving Zveitel

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