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Yahrzeit in Yiddish translates to ‘time of year.’ As Jews, we focus on carrying the memory of those before us ‘l’dor v’dor’ from generation to generation.

On the yearly anniversary of a person’s death, the Mourner’s Kaddish is recited and a special, long-burning candle is lit at sundown on the night prior to the anniversary. It burns for 24 hours. It is a time to reflect upon the person who has passed, the legacy he or she has left behind, and to remember and share stories of our loved one.

This week we observe the yahrzeits of the following people that have a perpetual memorial at Congregation Shaare Emeth.

For more information contact the temple office at 314-569-0010.

Join us in remembering the names of our upcoming yahrzeits.

October 29, 2021:

Leo Aaron

Gertrude Abrams

Irvin Ansel

Joseph Auer

Lottie Bensinger

Bernard Bernstein

Morris Brenner

Jacob Brilliant

David E. Brown

Sadie Cohen

Ethel Covinsky

Julius E. Dann

Anna Frelich Davidson

Nathan Evzikov

Edward H. Fagan

Constance Ruth Foster

Louis George Frumson, Jr.

Anna Glassman

Morris Glassman

Joseph W. Green

Alex Gross

Edward L. Guller

David Guttin

Glenda L. Harris

Anna Hartmann

Cecil Haskell

Ida Intrater

Annie Jackson

Ida Jacobs

William Abram Joffe

Marilyn Kaplan

Rose Kessler

Sam Kessler

Jean Kisslinger

Sarah Kolker

Erwin Kreisman

Beatrice Kushkin

Maury Lamberg

Annie Pearl Lasky

Hadassah Lebman

Sophia Levy

Lillian M. Lewis

Simon Lowenstein

Irene Emilie Lowy

Ralph S. Lynford

Kevin D. MacFadyen

Samuel Mehlman

David Paskal

Claudette Petrofsky

Gertrude S. Posdamer

Harry Preston

Joseph Raciti

Sol Robinson

Hershel J. Schwarzkopf

Bernard Schwarzkopf

Sol M. Seigel

Meyer Shacat

Max S. Shapiro

Joseph Shapiro

David Silverstein

Adolph David Singer

David Sokolik

Charles Spector

Mildred W. Spitzer

Clementine Bach Stein

Amanda Straus

Fannye S. Taxman

Marilyn Wagner

Julius Wallstein

Sam E. Weitzer

Esther Estelle Wiesman

Lee Yavitz

Bernard Yawitz

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