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Yahrzeit in Yiddish translates to ‘time of year.’ As Jews, we focus on carrying the memory of those before us ‘l’dor v’dor’ from generation to generation.

On the yearly anniversary of a person’s death, the Mourner’s Kaddish is recited and a special, long-burning candle is lit at sundown on the night prior to the anniversary. It burns for 24 hours. It is a time to reflect upon the person who has passed, the legacy he or she has left behind, and to remember and share stories of our loved one.

This week we observe the yahrzeits of the following people that have a perpetual memorial at Congregation Shaare Emeth.

For more information contact the temple office at 314-569-0010.

Join us in remembering the names of our upcoming yahrzeits.

July 1, 2022

Eva Banashek
Selma Becker
Marc Jonathan Bergman
Adam Norman Bernstein
Jeanette Bernstein
Wolf Bernstein
Raymond H. Bialson
Estelle Binowitz
Eve M. Bleich
Gustav Bloch
Samuel Brand
Mae Bresler
William Louis Brickson, Jr.
Etta Brilliant
Joyce Brody
Irving Bryan
Mildred Charnas
Sadie Cohen
Joseph Cutler
Beulah Horwitz Davis
Irving Mitchell Demoff
Hannah Feiss
Max Ferschtman
Irvin Fox
Yetta Freund
Mollie Friedman
William Joseph Gaghyan
Marilyn Galosy
Harry A. Galosy
Edith Landau Garden
Dr. Louis A. Gilula
Michael Goldberg
Charles Goldman
David Goldstein
Dubby Gomberg
Gloria Lona Harris
Josephine Hartmann
Samuel Himeles
Rose Hirson
Moses Hollander
Frances Bearman Israel
Louis Jackson
Lenore Katz
Daniel Ian Kaufer
Sara Kidder
Allan L. Klearman
Celia Krislavsky
Jack L. Kunitz
Harry L. Laba
Naomi Lerner
Elizabeth Lerner
Jessie Lerner
Emma B. Levy
Rose R. Levy
David Lipschultz
Pauline F. Loewenstein
Leah Lubin
Paul Lyss
Myra C. Marglous
Ida Margulis
Max Marmor
Edmund J. Marx
Morris Moll
Maurice Newberger
Morris H. Posnansky
Florence L. Redler
David A. Resnick
Harry E. Robin
Brig. Gen. Martin F. Rockmore
Shirley Frank Rosenbaum
Dr. Henry Rosenfeld
Shirley Rosenthal
David E. Rubenstein
Rachel Sale
Dr. Barry Landau Samson
Sandy Lawson Samuels
Cynthia Loewenstein Sater
Lawrence G. Schermer
Milton Scheuer
Ida Weinberg Schneider
Dorothy L. Schweich
Sam Scissors
Maurice Seigel
Fannie Shapiro
Manuel Sherberg
Sarah Sigoloff
Saul Solomon
Elsie A. Sorger
Selma Spitz
Tillie Steiner
Gary Lee Stern
Maxwell Summers
Myron S. Taich
Evelyn Tonopolsky
Hyman Wallerstein
Wilson W. Weinberger
Calvin H. Weiss
Monroe Leland Wolff
Bess Wolff
Evie Green Wood
Arthur Zlatnick

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