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In an effort to keep our congregational community, and the larger community, healthy and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, we will not be hosting an in-person congregation-wide Passover Seder. 

The first night of Passover is Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Each day up until then we will be sending you an early morning email with different suggestions for how to honor and celebrate this beloved holiday. We hope you enjoy these messages from our clergy, directors, and staff!

Tuesday: April 7: The 10 Plagues for Kids, with Beth Kodner

Family Fun with the 10 Plagues: Click HERE
Passover Finger Puppets: Click HERE

Monday, April 6: “The Seder Plate of Gratitude” with Debbie Bram

Seder Plate Substitutions During Coronavirus Quarantine: Click HERE

Passover Seder Plate Symbols of Acknowledgement, Hope, Gratitude and Resiliency: Click HERE

Sunday, April 5: “Let All Who Are Hungry…” with Rabbi Andrea Goldstein

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Fill out your Census forms and make calls to encourage those in underserved areas to fill out their Census forms as well.

Click HERE to find a flyer explaining the importance of the Census and, click HERE for an ad explaining how you can get trained to call St. Louis residents who would most benefit (through continued and extended social services) from having an accurate Census count. Look for more information from Shaare Emeth about a group training for this task in coming weeks.

Saturday, April 4: Making Passover SING with Rabbi Lori Levine & Lucy Greenbaum


Cooking with Rosalie – Part 2!

Executive Director, Rosalie Stein, teaches us to make roast chicken with farfel stuffing!

Friday, April 3: Cooking with Rosalie

Executive Director, Rosalie Stein, teaches us to make gefilte fish soufflé!

Thursday, April 2: Preparing for Passover with Cantor Warner

Cantor Warner offers a thoughtful message about how even if we may be physically apart, we are not really alone.


Click below to hear Cantor Seth chant the Four Questions that we sing during the Passover Seder!


Wednesday, April 1: Preparing for Passover with Rabbi Bennett

During this unprecedented time, we encourage you to stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy, and make a meaningful passover for yourself and your loved ones from home.


Below, please find some helpful resources for making a meaningful Passover this year:


Online Passover resources from the Union for Reform Judaism – Click HERE


Artist, David Moss’ Simon Tov Seder Haggadah Supplement – Click HERE

3rd Annual 50-Day Middot Challenge

with the Jewish Mindfulness Center of St. Louis

The seven-week period between the holiday of Passover (celebrating our liberation from Egypt) and the holiday of Shavuot (celebrating our receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai) is known as Sefirat HaOmer, the Counting of the Omer. Traditionally, this is a time set aside for personal self-discovery and growth. People often engage in the weekly study of middot (ethical character traits) including compassion, strength, enthusiasm, truth, humility, beauty and equanimity.

This year during the Counting of the Omer, the Jewish Mindfulness Center of St. Louis invites you to participate in our 50-Day Meditation and Middot Challenge. Challenge yourself to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day and engage in at least one new practice a week to actualize these middot in your life.

Sign up below to receive Rabbi Goldstein’s weekly email with a short teaching on the middah of the week and an audio meditation that you can listen to each day to help you on your journey.


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Below, check out photos from our April 2019 Passover Rocks! Passover Seder! 

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April 8*- 14, 2020
*begins in the evening / first seder

Passover, known in Hebrew as Pesach, is a popular family holiday, primarily observed in the home. It is a week-long spring festival commemorating our redemption from slavery. Passover begins with a ritualized meal called a seder (order) that refers to the order of the prayers that are recited and to the symbolic foods that are eaten prior to a meal. The prayers are written in a special book called a Haggadah. The purpose of the seder is to tell the story of the liberation of the Israelites from the Egyptian slavery.



What Haggadah Do I Use? – Shaare Emeth’s recommended list of Haggadot with a short explanations of their contents and target age groups

Create your own Haggadah – by choosing a template and readings to fit your family

NCJW’s Human Trafficking Passover Supplement

Add something new to the Seder plate: A Tomato

Celebrating Passover, Then and Now – A brief history of the holiday of Pesach and its customs (URJ)

Food Restrictions on Passover Explained: Chametz and Kitniyot – Can we eat beans, rice, corn, and peas on Passover? (URJ)

6 Parts of a Seder Plate – Roll your mouse over each part of the plate to see the name and explanation (URJ)

“The Heroic and Visionary Women of Passover” – by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

A Variety of Charoset Recipes (Kveller.com)

How to Make Traditional Matzah Brie – Video, Recipe and Text (URJ)

Traditional and Modern Passover Friendly Recipes – including vegan recipes (URJ)

ReformJudaism.com’s Passover pages answers to questions like “Is Passover seven or eight days?”, an interactive seder plate, what to expect at a seder, Passover crafts and more (URJ).

Sandy’s Judaica Shop, inside Congregation Shaare Emeth, is a great source for Passover seder plates, Haggadot, Passover toys, children’s books and music. View Store Hours

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