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High Holidays 2020

Physically Distant, Spiritually Connected

The sounds of the shofar call us each year, near and far, to connect with one another in compassion, gratitude and hope.

This year we enter our New Year physically separated but still together. We may be anxious, fearful, lonely, grieving and sad. Yet, our Jewish experience teaches optimism and hope. We know that things will get better. We draw strength from our history, values and dreams.

May our prayers and new ways of hearing the sound of the shofar welcome a New Year filled with safety, security, health, justice and peace.

We invite you to gather with us virtually this year:

Elul Activities and Schedule

Rosh Hashanah Activities and Schedule

Yom Kippur Activities and Schedule

Will I Need a Holiday Prayer Book?

Our High Holiday services this year will be fully accessible without a printed prayer book. You can watch, listen and join with us virtually. You can read along with some of the texts displayed onscreen and you will also have an opportunity to follow along with our Virtual High Holidays Companion Booklets.

Click below to download printable PDFs of our High Holidays Companion Booklets:

Rosh Hashanah Companion

Yom Kippur Companion and Book of Memory

Do-It-Yourself Tashlich

Tashlich means “casting off” and involves going to a body of water to symbolically cast away our sins. Our Shaare Emeth tradition is to perform this meaningful act on Rosh Hashanah afternoon. Due to COVID, we are offering a ‘do it yourself’ version this year. Click here to download a short Tashlich service containing poetry, prayers and prompts to guide you, along with a creative way to “cast your sins or shortcomings upon the water.”

If you are unable to find a body of water this year for Tashlich, we can provide you with dissolvable paper that you can use at home. Please email or call Debbie Bram and we will mail it to you: [email protected], 314-692-5308.

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