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Order a Lulav and Etrog for Sukkot

Sukkot is the Jewish holiday that runs for seven days and celebrates the fall harvest. We observe by sitting and dining in hand-made shelters, or huts; shaking the lulav and etrog; and by giving thanks to G-d for the earth’s ability to provide us with food.

Fulfill the Mitzvot of Sukkot with Your Own Lulav and Etrog!

The lulav is a combination of date palm, willow and myrtle branches held together by a woven palm branch. The etrog, or citron, is a lemon-like fruit with a wonderful citrus smell. We recite a blessing over the lulav and etrog and wave them in six directions—north, south, east, west, up, and down–symbolizing that God can be found everywhere.




Order Your Personal Lulav and Etrog by September 25, 2019.

Sets Cost $36

Send a note specifying the number of sets desired to Debbie Bram, 11645 Ladue Road, St. Louis, MO 63141, or email her at [email protected]

Checks should be made out to “Congregation Shaare Emeth” and the envelope should say “attention Debbie Bram”.

Lulav and etrog sets will be delivered to Shaare Emeth, and we’ll notify you when your set is available for pickup.



**Looking to build your own sukkah? We can help!**

Having your own sukkah is a wonderful experience, and we would love to help you! You don’t have to be handy, and we can help you create a sukkah of any size to fit your space and needs. We can help you decide what will work best for you and even help you place an order for a sukkah kit to be delivered right to your home.

Contact: Debbie Bram, [email protected]

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