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1st and 2nd Grade Program

1st and 2nd Grade Program: Strengthening a Love of Jewish Learning

Building on the JQuest experience, our 1st and 2nd Grade students attend on Sunday mornings and participate in an age-appropriate experience of independent Jewish learning with their friends and teachers. Their class-based learning includes developmentally appropriate introductions to Jewish stories, rituals, and synagogue life. They are also introduced to the basics of Hebrew language through the Alef-Bet, the Hebrew alphabet.

They express themselves through music, art, and movement and start their Jewish journeys with old and new friends. Our 1st Graders become acquainted with the stories of the Torah, diving deeply into the books of Genesis and Exodus. They learn about our ancestors, the important stories of our people, and how the Torah can teach us lessons for our lives today.

2nd Grade provides an introduction to theology with our God Talk curriculum. We provide a developmentally appropriate introduction to big questions about God and spirituality that address the wonderings and imagination of young minds. 2nd Graders also begin their Hebrew learning with an easy introduction to the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Our teachers help create a class community where curiosity is fostered and where creative questions about life and Jewish ideas are encouraged. Annual family programs invite parents into the classroom and give them the opportunity to learn alongside their children.

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