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11th – 12th Grade: Post-Confirmation

11th-12th Grade: Post-Confirmation: Jewish Matters – Things that Matter to Jews, and Ways that Judaism Matters

Our Post-Confirmation program is called “Jewish Matters – Things that Matter to Jews, and Ways that Judaism Matters.”  We “meet” at the intersection of Jewish faith and values.  We explore how our Reform Jewish faith compels us to ask hard questions, challenge assumptions, and view the real issues of our lives through the lens of a Jewish values system that we cherish.

This is serious and important stuff.  We look at matters of personal autonomy and meaning, freedom of thought and belief, the meaning of life, issues of medical and personal ethics and more.  We look at the real issues that affect our community, nation and world as they arise.  We look at race, economic justice, war and peace, the environment and more.  We try to clarify what we believe about Israel and the challenges Israel faces today, here and abroad.  We talk about universal issues that impact all of our survival and our future. We are always candid, open and have fun exploring issues together.

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