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Shaare the Vision

To continue to be a leading Reform synagogue by creating an accessible, engaging, nurturing, practical and welcoming environment that provides space for our present needs and allows for growth in the future.

Here, the holy space’s pulse is vibrant and growing. You see it in the increased numbers of members coming to nosh before Shabbat services. You see it in the enrollment increase at Shirlee Green Preschool. You see it in the influx of younger member families. And you see it on Sundays, when the Temple is full and we are bursting at the seams with children and teachers and parents and visitors and learning and music.

As we celebrate 35 years in our present location and as we approach our 150th anniversary in 2017, we are raising $9.5 million through a unique member partnership to increase our current endowment and to maintain and enhance our facilities.

The Shaare the Vision Capital and Endowment Campaign reflects our unwavering commitment to remaining a leading Reform Jewish synagogue, to accommodating the unaffiliated and new families who want to join our congregation, and to engage our members with new and innovative services.

Meaningful plans with significant impact for our future. The Shaare the Vision Capital and Endowment Campaign will have a tremendous long-term spiritual, physical and financial impact on our Congregation, the Jewish community and beyond.

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