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Endowment Fund Campaign

Our proud history deserves a bright future.

Congregation Shaare Emeth Endowment Fund

We have a history as a congregation rooted in the Jewish faith of pulling together during world wars, economic challenges, and even two pandemics a century apart. One of the cornerstones that has supported us during challenging times is the Shaare Emeth Endowment Fund.

Those who came before us kept our temple strong through their support toward this legacy of love and giving that has met so many vital needs within our temple and beyond our walls. Our goal is to grow this endowment. Grow it with purpose for today. And grow it for tomorrow to not only better manage future needs within the temple, but to reach outside our walls to help others in the local community. And beyond.

Strength in numbers.

With nearly 1,600 families in our congregation, Shaare Emeth represents almost 3,000 members of the Jewish faith in St. Louis. There is strength in numbers. We can collectively, through gifts both large and small, continue to ensure our endowment fund is a lasting legacy for those who call Shaare Emeth home and to all people in need.

Ensuring a hopeful tomorrow.

Since 1867, Shaare Emeth has served as a light to guide people in their journey of Jewish faith. During these years we have endured, grown, and been tested. Through it all, we’ve taken comfort in God, family, our synagogue and the fundamental belief that together, our community is stronger. And together, we thrive. What you give today is a direct link to yesterday’s generations of dedicated people who felt driven to celebrate our heritage.

Making it simple to make a positive difference.

There are many convenient and financially smart ways to give:

  • Estate planning through wills, trusts, insurance policies, etc.
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly contributions
  • You can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA to help satisfy your annual required minimum distribution
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Stock gifts
  • All gifts are tax deductible

Beyond providing the operational needs for our temple, your investment helps us continue to provide:

  • Access to one of the oldest and most recognized temples in Missouri for families regardless of their financial situation
  • Resources to ensure the temple’s future regardless of economic uncertainties
  • Continued availability of outstanding clergy and staff
  • One of the best youth groups in the local community
  • Commitment to continue meeting the spiritual and temporal needs of our community
  • Support for the operational needs of our temple
  • Superb Jewish education programs led by a Rabbi Educator
  • Respected Jewish leadership throughout the St. Louis area

Thank you to everyone who joined us on 2.22.22 for our Kickoff Event. You can watch the replay here:

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