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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Our Tzedek committee is dedicated to making our St. Louis community a better place for all. Just as we want shelter, food and education for ourselves, our Tzedek committee works hard to provide those necessities to others in our community. We invite you to check out the opportunities to get involved! Feel free to contact the congregant listed with each agency or you may contact Debbie Bram at [email protected].

The funds collected in our tzedakah box this quarter support the work of St. Louis nonprofit We Stories.

We Stories is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of children’s literature to create conversation, change and hope in St. Louis and a stronger, more equitable and inclusive future for all. They believe that if more families are provided with 1) resources to improve the way they engage their children in conversations about race, 2) connections to like-minded families, and 3) opportunities to add their voices to racial justice activism and policy change efforts, then the resulting community of families will become a force of positive change, because many want to be part of solutions to make St. Louis more equitable but feel unprepared, isolated or disconnected from action opportunities.

We Stories enrolls new families in cohorts of 100 three times a year (March, October and July) and currently supports 450 families. Families who are interested in participating can sign up online by visiting www.westories.org.

Congregation Shaare Emeth has two tzedakah boxes located in each of our lobbies.  Monies collected from these boxes go either to local social services agencies providing basic needs to the people of St. Louis or to organizations in Israel that promote Reform Jewish values. We collect tzedakah for each agency on a quarterly basis.  If you would like to make a suggestion for a tzedakah recipient, please contact Rabbi Andrea Goldstein.

What is it? Bread Company donates its leftover baked goods to food pantries and shelters. We at Congregation Shaare Emeth are responsible for picking up leftovers at three different locations once a week. The leftovers are picked up from a specific location in the evening and delivered to The Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry the next day.

When does it happen? Currently, we pick up from Des Peres and Westport on Tuesday nights and from Four Seasons on Sundays. Times differ between locations.

What is needed from me? Sign-up to pick up leftovers and deliver them to The Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry.

Who do I contact for more information? Stefanie Greenberg, [email protected]

What is it? Our congregation has partnered with the International Institute of St. Louis to welcome New Americans. Volunteers can be trained to set-up new apartments, help orient new families in their apartments, teach them to ride the bus, use the bank, go to the grocery store, babysit children at the Institute while the parents are learning English and many more opportunities.

When does it happen? Various times based upon what you decide to do.

What is needed from me? A one-time orientation at the Institute for adults with a $10.00 payment for a police background check.

Who do I contact for more information? Stan Shanker, [email protected] or call him at 314-420-3600

International Institute Summer Camp Volunteers Needed! We need you! Volunteer time or donate money to help provide new immigrant children at the International Institute of St. Louis a fun day camp experience this summer. Click here for more information or contact Stan Shanker at 314-420-3600 or [email protected]

Download Volunteer Application.

What is it? Congregation Shaare Emeth is part of the St. Louis Public School’s Faith Based Initiative to assist schools in St. Louis. Our congregation has tutors who work directly with the students at Oak Hill Elementary School. We provide school supplies and holiday gifts as well.

When does it happen? Weekdays based upon your own schedule.

What is needed from me? Fill out an application if you are interested in tutoring. Debbie Bram has the applications. If you would like to help provide supplies, you don’t need to fill out the application. Simply contact Lorry and let her know your interest.

Who do I contact for more information? Lorry Blath at [email protected]

What is it? Congregation Shaare Emeth cooks and serves dinner at Peter and Paul Church for the homeless men at the Church.

When does it happen? Approximately once a month on Sunday evenings. It is scheduled for the following dates:

  • Sunday, December 10
  • Sunday, January 14
  • Sunday, February 18
  • Sunday, March 4
  • Sunday, April 29
  • Sunday, May 20
  • Sunday, June 17

What is needed from me? Congregants are asked to provide food and deliver it to Temple. A small group of congregants go down to the Church (near Soulard) to heat up the dinner and serve it as well.

Who do I contact for more information? Jen Houser, [email protected]

What is it?  Congregation Shaare Emeth is a host on the first Monday of every month for Room at the Inn which provides immediate, temporary shelter to homeless women and families in the St. Louis region. In addition, Room at the Inn works with the clients to create an individualized plan back to self-sufficiency, including referrals to other human services agencies.

When does this happen?  First Monday evening of every month to Tuesday morning

What is needed from me? Drivers to and from the Room at the Inn site in Maryland Heights to Temple. Cooks for dinner and breakfast. People to welcome the guests to Shaare Emeth as well as entertain the children.

Who do I contact for more information? Barb Feldacker, [email protected] or Ronnie Brockman, [email protected]

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