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Shaare Emeth Mental Health Initiative

Shaare Emeth Mental Health Initiative

The mission of the Shaare Emeth Mental Health Initiative is to destigmatize mental illness and to provide education and community support for the mental health and well-being of children, teens, adults, and those who care for them.

SEMHI hosts regular webinars to connect congregants and community members with experts in the fields of adult and child psychology, and collects online resources to connect community members with the help that they or their loved ones need.

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  • View our Mental Health Resource List for ways to connect with services in the St. Louis area. This includes hotlines, sliding scale or reduced-fee therapy and testing, child psychology professionals and more.
  • Developing and improving your mental wellness can start with small, everyday tasks. Check out this one-page list of 50 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health.
  • In November, SEMHI members and mental health professionals Dan Weinstein and Danna Albright discussed with the 7th grade religious school class signs that a student may need or benefit from mental health services and coping strategies for teenagers experiencing stress.
  • Read Danna Albright’s guide to Happy Hormone Hacks for activities and strategies to unleash your natural happiness reserves.

Previous webinars:

Hope in The Homestretch: Balancing Excitement and Expectations as We Emerge from a Pandemic Year
Recorded Sunday, January 10 – Watch Below!

Positive Psychology During a Pandemic: Can We Really Find Happiness at a Time Like This?
Recorded Sunday, November 22 – Watch Below!

Watch our webinar from October 11, 2020 on Helping Your Kids Cope During a Pandemic.

Watch our webinar from August 30, 2020, on Mental Health During a Pandemic. For further reference, follow along with our handout document that accompanied the event.

SEMHI Committee: Dan Weinstein (SEMHI Committee Chair), Andy Pomerantz, Amy Scharff, Amy Worth, Michele Siler, Ronnie Brockman, Andy Zuckerman, Danna Albright, Rabbi Jim Bennett, Scott Berzon and Lucy Greenbaum

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