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Shaare Emeth Members in Need of Kidneys

Posted on August 25, 2020 by

Two Shaare Emeth congregation members, Richard (Dick) Fine and Rick Tash, are seeking kidney donors. Read on for their individual stories and how you can help.

Richard (Dick) Fine needs our help. He has advanced kidney disease and is nearing the point of requiring dialysis or a transplant. No one in the immediate family has been identified as an eligible donor. There is currently a 3-5 year wait unless a living donor is found. If you have ever considered donating a kidney, this would be a wonderful time to start that process. Please contact the Temple to let us know or call the Transplant Center at the Center for Advanced Medicine 314-362-5365 and please mention that you want to donate for Richard Fine. Even if you’re not a match for Dick, you may be a match for someone else and that person may have a donor who would be a match for Dick. Thank you very much.

For more information, click HERE.

A message from Rick Tash and family:

Thank you to the family of Richard Fine for bringing awareness to the important issue of kidney disease. We appreciate his willingness to reach out to the community and we are grateful to Congregation Shaare Emeth for the opportunity to do so ourselves.

I have been battling kidney disease for 5 years and have been attending dialysis appointments 3 times a week for a year now. Similarly to Mr. Fine and many others in search of vital organs, there is a 3-5 year wait list especially for people with my blood type, O positive, unless a living donor is found. If you are considering organ donation and would like to pursue the possibility, please contact BJC Kidney Transplant Department at 314-362-5365 and mention you would like to check for a match with Rick Tash.

Again, even if you are not a match for me, you might be for someone else, and that person might have a match that works. With the support of our community, we are hopeful that both Richard and I can find the matches that will allow us to live long, healthy lives.

Thank you very much.

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