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Update on Alex Garcia and Request to Help the Garcia Family

Posted on March 7, 2019 by

Alex Garcia, husband and father of five children, has been living in sanctuary at Christ Church UCC in Maplewood for the past 18 months.  His wife and children are in Joplin, Missouri and must travel great distances to be with Alex on weekends.  This distance has proven to be an incredible hardship on the family so Carly Garcia and the Garcia children uprooted their lives and moved to Maplewood this past week to be close to Alex.  To learn more about Alex Garcia watch Rev. Rebecca Turner’s moving sermon below.

To See Reverend Turner’s Sermon, fast-forward the video to the 49 minute mark.

One way that we can show our support to Alex and his family is through the donation of Target gift cards.

If you would like to make a donation toward the purchase of these gift cards, please fill out the form below by Wednesday, March 13th.  All donations will go directly to the Garcia family.  Questions?  Contact Stacy Jespersen at [email protected].


Fill out my online form.

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