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Specialists create magical moments at Shirlee Green Preschool

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Karen Lucy

“I have one talent, and that is the capacity to be tremendously surprised, surprised at life, at ideas. This is to me the supreme Hasidic imperative: Don’t be old. Don’t be stale.” 

When I read this quote from Abraham Joshua Heschel, it reminds me of the wonderful teachers and staff at Shirlee Green Preschool. Every day I witness the creative and “surprising” ways in which the teachers ignite the fire of knowledge within our preschoolers. I smile at the children’s energetic display of projects on the boards in the hallway – Unique as Snowflakes, S is for Snowman, Ferdinand The Bull, Making Magic and so many more. Each day, during many of those inspiring moments, one can locate a specialist at the heart of that very moment. A specialist at Shirlee Green Preschool engages children in jump-starting a specific program.

One fine example is Ms. Barb Hoffman. Ms. Barb interactively teaches the Torah to the Pre-K class by utilizing props and costumes. They are transformed in time and in character to the story in the Torah. This submergence offers high retention and allows the children to imagine a different world.

Ms. Debby Finn challenges the children to view the world through whimsical colors during her art/science sessions. Although she encourages and directs a lesson, Ms. Debby is a firm believer in offering a white canvas in which each child develops their own interpretation. Ms. Debby realizes there is no right or wrong when creating and exploring.

Ms. Jill Milstein brings Judaism to the lives of the children, in partnership with the Shaare Emeth clergy. Through our monthly values and themes – such having fun, being courageous, making peace in the home and being a mensch – Ms. Jill promotes a life of Judaism. Her examples, stories and discussions express the true meaning of what it is to be Jewish.

And finally, the world may have Adele, but Shirlee Green Preschool has Ms. Holly Smith! Ms. Holly creates SGP groupies with her musical energy and contagious enthusiasm. She leads us at Shabbat each week and during special programs including the Chanukah sing-along and Chaverim Night. We cannot get enough of Ms. Holly, even during carpool karaoke!

The magic in the air at Shirlee Green Preschool is due to the individuals that devote and dedicate their lives to the children and this preschool.

Karen Lucy, Director of Early Childhood Engagement 

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