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Meet This Quarter’s Tzedakah Recipient, We Stories

Posted on January 23, 2018 by

Each quarter, Shaare Emeth collects tzedakah money for a different nonprofit. This quarter’s recipient is We Stories, an organization that uses the power of children’s literature to create conversation, change and hope in St. Louis and a stronger, more equitable and inclusive future for all.

They believe that if more families are provided with 1) resources to improve the way they engage their children in conversations about race, 2) connections to like-minded families, and 3) opportunities to add their voices to racial justice activism and policy change efforts, then the resulting community of families will become a force of positive change, because many want to be part of solutions to make St. Louis more equitable but feel unprepared, isolated or disconnected from action opportunities.

We Stories enrolls new families in cohorts of 100 three times a year (March, October and July) and currently supports 450 families. Families who are interested in participating can sign up online by visiting www.westories.org.

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