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Message from the Rabbis and Cantor of Shaare Emeth

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Rabbi Jim Bennett

As we watch with dismay once again, our city and region are embroiled in painful dissent and angry protest spurred by the recent court verdict in the Stockley case. Like so many, we find the specifics of this case to be deeply disturbing. Once again, a bright spotlight is being cast on the injustice of endemic racism and the brokenness of our society. Many in our city, region and nation feel unheard, unnoticed and victimized by a society in which injustice often reigns. We know that this injustice is not simply the fault of any individual or group of people. We are all responsible.

In the spirit of these High Holy Days, a time of communal reflection and repentance, we offer these prayers for forgiveness:

For the injustice we tolerate in private,
and for the injustice we support in public.
For the injustice we cause accidentally,
and for the injustice we commit intentionally.
For the injustice we permit by failing to take proactive steps to end oppression,
and for the injustice we allow by failing to speak up after violence is perpetrated.
For the injustice we commit through our actions,
and for the injustice we permit through our inaction.
For the injustice of which we are conscious,
and for the injustice that lives in our subconscious.
V’al kulam. Eloha selichot, s’lach lanu, m’chal lanu, kaper lanu….
For all these sins, Oh God of Mercy, forgive us, pardon us, and grant us atonement.

Rabbi James Bennett,
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein
Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman
Cantor Seth Warner
Rabbi Jonah Zinn

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