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Disaster Relief

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Rabbi Andrea Goldstein

It has been another intense week of weather around the globe.  Here in the states we know that the people of Texas are beginning their long recovery. Floridians, the people of Cuba and so many in the Caribbean, as well as the people of Georgia and the Carolinas, continue to be involved in rescue operations and will soon be able to fully assess the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by these storms. We also pray for Americans battling wildfires, the people of Mexico affected by the earthquake, and the people of Southeast Asia who are trying to recover from the devastating flooding of last week.

We want to update you on the collection of gift cards we took up last week that have been sent to Rabbi Annie Belford’s congregation in Cady, Texas. Temple Sinai is a congregation of approximately 200 families. At least 35 of those families were completely displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Another 100 have suffered severe damage to their homes. Most of the families did not have flood insurance. In one week we were able to raise over $6500 for the members of Temple Sinai to help aid in their recovery. Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute.

We encourage everyone who can to extend their generosity to the people of Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico or Southeast Asia by continuing to make donations to the following organizations:

  • The Red Cross
  • Americares
  • Global Giving
  • OxFam

“Though you may not be able to complete the task, neither are you free to stop trying to repair the world.”

-Rabbi Tarfon, Pirkei Avot 2:21


Photo by Kabsik Park

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