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The Music of the High Holidays: What to Expect

Posted on August 24, 2017 by Cantor Seth Warner

Elul is the signal to us that we are approaching the holiest days of the year. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are less than one month away! It is the signal to get ready. Perhaps we ready our homes for festive family meals; or, maybe we look at the calendar and figure out how to navigate work, school and other activities around these holidays; or perhaps we focus a bit more on taking stock of our lives and how we’ve responded to challenges over this past year.

The music of the High Holidays is no different. It is majestic yet approachable, familiar yet grand. The music of these upcoming High Holidays is not changing much at all. The High Holiday Choir will join with me in the Sanctuary, along with talented instrumentalists. Our Kehillah Center will feature an amazing young song leader and piano. The melodies are our melodies and the texts are our texts – comforting and challenging, inspiring and meditative.  We have plenty of new things around us – a new Sanctuary and entire west side of our magnificent campus, a new High Holiday prayer book and a new year to focus on.

We can make the old new again with our prayers and songs that have grown in our hearts for the past year. Expect to know the songs and to feel inspired. Bring your voice and your spirit, because you are invited to sing too!


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