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Below, check out photos from our April 2019 Passover Rocks! Passover Seder! 

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April 19*-26, 2019
*begins in the evening / first seder

Passover, known in Hebrew as Pesach, is a popular family holiday, primarily observed in the home. It is a week-long spring festival commemorating our redemption from slavery. Passover begins with a ritualized meal called a seder (order) that refers to the order of the prayers that are recited and to the symbolic foods that are eaten prior to a meal. The prayers are written in a special book called a Haggadah. The purpose of the seder is to tell the story of the liberation of the Israelites from the Egyptian slavery.



What Haggadah Do I Use? – Shaare Emeth’s recommended list of Haggadot with a short explanations of their contents and target age groups

Create your own Haggadah – by choosing a template and readings to fit your family

NCJW’s Human Trafficking Passover Supplement

Add something new to the Seder plate: A Tomato

Celebrating Passover, Then and Now – A brief history of the holiday of Pesach and its customs (URJ)

Food Restrictions on Passover Explained: Chametz and Kitniyot – Can we eat beans, rice, corn, and peas on Passover? (URJ)

6 Parts of a Seder Plate – Roll your mouse over each part of the plate to see the name and explanation (URJ)

“The Heroic and Visionary Women of Passover” – by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

A Variety of Charoset Recipes (Kveller.com)

How to Make Traditional Matzah Brie – Video, Recipe and Text (URJ)

Traditional and Modern Passover Friendly Recipes – including vegan recipes (URJ)

ReformJudaism.com’s Passover pages answers to questions like “Is Passover seven or eight days?”, an interactive seder plate, what to expect at a seder, Passover crafts and more (URJ).

Sandy’s Judaica Shop, inside Congregation Shaare Emeth, is a great source for Passover seder plates, Haggadot, Passover toys, children’s books and music. View Store Hours

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