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What is the Scrip Program?

Did you know you can donate money to Congregation Shaare Emeth without spending an extra penny? Scrip is a program where companies provide gift cards to nonprofit organizations at a discounted rate. Nonprofits such as Shaare Emeth then sell the gift cards at face value. Shaare Emeth gets the difference.

Each company participant in the Scrip program offers the nonprofit a different margin of profit.

Example 1: A Once-in-a-While Order

Jesse loves Starbucks and enjoys drinking her favorite drink, a soy chai latte, a few times a month. Because she’s going to spend money at Starbucks anyway, she buys a $25 Starbucks gift card (for the normal $25 price) from the Temple Office. Jesse drops by and gets a new Starbucks gift card every time she needs one. She didn’t spend an extra penny, and yet Shaare Emeth earned money! Starbucks offers a 7% profit to Scrip program members, so Congregation Shaare Emeth receives $1.75 every time Jesse buys a Starbucks card from Temple.

Example 2: An Automatic, Monthly Order

Tzion already buys groceries and pet food at Dierbergs, Whole Foods, and PetSmart, respectively, every month. He sets up an automatic order for $200 Dierbergs cards, $200 Whole Foods Market cards, and $50 PetSmart cards. He doesn’t spend more that he already would have, and yet he knows part of that money benefits his chosen Jewish community. As the order form shows, the profit rates for Congregation Shaare Emeth for these companies are: Dierbergs 5%, Whole Foods 3% and PetSmart 4%. In effect, Tzion donates $18 a month and $216 a year FOR FREE.

Scrip Order and Payment Options

Automatic Monthly Order and Payment (Checking Withdrawal or Credit Card)

  • To set up automatic monthly orStacy Lynn Siciliano in the Temple office, 314-692-5306.
  • Choose what grocery and shopping cards you want to receive each month.
  • Your card or account is charged monthly for your order.
  • Pick up Scrip cards at the front desk -OR- have them mailed to your home for an an additional charge.
    • Add: Mail-it-to-Me Option: Your Scrip cards can be delivered to you by Certified Mail.
    • It will require your signature when the envelope is presented by your mail carrier. If you are not home at the time of delivery, the envelope will be held for you at the Post Office until it is convenient for you to pick it up.
    • Indicate on the Automatic Monthly Debit form that you wish to have your Scrip cards delivered by Certified Mail.
    • An additional postage cost of $3.25 will be added to the debit.
    • NOTE: Postage will be waived for orders of $400 per month or more. (If you insist, you can still make us charge for the postage…there’s a box to check for that, too.)

Mail-In Order

Get ‘Em Now

Thank You For Your Help

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Congregation Shaare Emeth’s Scrip program. If every household participated in the Scrip program we could eliminate the deficit in Shaare Emeth’s 2013-14 budget.

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